Protect your baby's ears: See why it's important

Though inconspicuous ears, the baby require a lot of care. How to care for ears of a child to be healthy?

Usually we do not pay much attention. This is a mistake, because it neglected the infant ears can be very troublesome, the most serious of which is very painful for the baby's ear infection. If only because it is worth to know how to properly cultivate the child's ears, and from what and under what circumstances it must be protected.
Infant Ear protection from the sun and cold

Baby's ears are sensitive to cold. On windy, chilly days should be covered with a cap, the thickness of which adapt to the weather - the warmer it is outside, the cap should be lighter. The most useful are the caps that have a tab of material covering her ears. This solution works well for hats visors cap. The skin is in fact vulnerable to sunburn as well as the rest of the body the infant - covering ears cap, reduce this risk. But it is worth further protect from the sun, smearing sunscreen for babies, with the highest filter. Cap will not be necessary if a child in a stroller is hidden under an umbrella or shade lies in the booth.
Cap at home is not needed

Several years ago newborns during the first month of life expected to head a light cap made of cotton - toddlers wore them for the whole day. They were protected in this way the infant's head and ears before getting cold, also at home. Then gradually odchodzono of this habit - a few years ago bonnet assumed the children for just a night, after bathing. Today we know that headgear at home is not only not necessary, but even inadvisable - boy may overheat, especially on warm days. There are two exceptions to this rule. Firstly, when you have a premature baby (then about whether the boy should wear a hat in the house, decided by the physician). Second, if you move a child after the bath to cool the room. Then you will want to protect the head against chills.
Water does not stack up in the baby's ears

Earwax lines the interior ear canals is a natural protection - even against infections. It nourishes the infant external ear canal, thus preventing, among other things leaking water into the ear. Therefore there is no need to protect the child's ears while bathing - even if water gets inside, and so nothing would happen. The same is true with a stay at the pool. The exception is if your child has inflammation in your ear or perforation of the eardrum - if your ears are not allowed to soak in the bath, and visits to the pool abstain until full recovery. What is worth remembering, if you regularly go from babies to the pool? First of all, try to ensure that, in its uszkach water was not in default - before entering the water to each tab can be zakroplić a little preparation, which lubricates the ear canal, so that the water flows very quickly from it. The best are those whose composition is close to that of earwax. After leaving the water, drying the Italian child's ears also gently dry the hair. This treatment reduces the risk of infection, eg. Rhinitis.
Proper care of a baby's ears

The mistake that during the care of the infant's ears young parents commit the most common is the use of cotton buds. Meanwhile, ENT specialists warn that using them can damage your eardrum or, at best, push the wax deeper into the ear canal, leading to the clogging. This is true not only for ordinary sticks - so for children, with a wider tip by many specialists are also not recommended. The more that ear cleaning no need to use sticks - earwax alone affects the ear canal, depositing on the skin inside the ear pinna. And only the wax to be removed during the care of the infant. This can be done every three or four days (more often if wax is a lot). The baby is the most convenient place on the changing table so that lay on its side - the idea is to have free access to his ears. When the boy is back, moistened cotton swab or a special pad on his finger, made of a material (also soaked in warm water), gently purify earlobe with wax. The second, a fresh swab wash your ear lobe and a place behind the ear, then dry it thoroughly with clean skin. Do the same then in the other ear. Once or twice a week to each tab, you can grow a portion of the product that removes excess wax and prevents the formation of cork woskowinowego, which can block the ear canal.

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