HEAT: how to avoid chafing of the child

Do not believe that for this ailment has to go through each child, and heat scorch is inevitable. To avoid chafing at the baby, just adequate prophylaxis.

With medical statistics show that diaper dermatitis, commonly referred to as scorch, is the most common skin disease in infants, occurs because at every fourth child. Other skin ailments distinguishes them above all the location of (because, as the name suggests, the problem applies only to the surrounding area covered diaper), as well as severe pain that accompanies it, and which can be compared with that which occurs during burning. Diaper rash usually starts with a slight redness around the anus and genitals. After some time - often several hours, sometimes two or three days - redness may change in the extensive erythema, covering not only around the crotch, but also buttocks, abdomen, and even a part of the thighs. They appear on the skin blisters and lumps from which the filtered liquid. When the bubbles burst, the little boy on the skin formed small wounds - erosions. It's all bakes because of odparzon─ů bum boy is irritable, cries, she does not want to eat, can not sleep.
Preventing nappy rash - diaper loosely buttoned

The causes sores are well known to physicians. This leads to them as a result of several factors at the same time. When the diaper rubs against baby's skin, causing micro-skin, damaging its natural protective barrier. This opens the door skin irritant agents, such as substances formed by the decomposition of urine and feces (arises include ammonia). The medium with fecal bacteria begin to multiply and yeasts. This mechanism can be stopped by ensuring that the diaper she wears boy, were of good quality. They must be absorbent, yet airy, be able to freely adjustable fastener. What else is important in terms of diapers? According to recent recommendations in order to avoid chafing, it is important to proper fit of the diaper. In order not to cause abrasions, because of which the pupa odparza faster, it must be perfectly matched - neither too big nor too small. Dangerous for the skin are especially diapers too tight, so you'll need to watch the moment when they should be changed to better. Diapers, depending on the size, they have limited absorbency, so you'll need to remember to scroll the infant regularly. There is also a novelty - a few years ago it was recommended to change the baby's nappy every two or three hours. Today we know that the baby needs a diaper change every hour, you can scroll through older baby every 3-4 hours. In any case you always need to do it immediately after defecation. If you are not using jednoraz├│wek only reusable diapers, wash them at high temperatures in the means for washing children's clothing and the washing machine, set the program with a double rinsing to remove therefrom any powder residue.

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