can OUR boy have autism?

Wondering  no matter whether   your current   boy   is actually  growing properly? Did  anyone   view  him worrying symptoms  AND ALSO  worrying  no matter whether  everything  will be   inside  order?  get  out  How to   realize   the   initial  symptoms  involving  autism  on the  child.

Symptoms  of  autism diagnosed  throughout  kilkunastomiesięcznego child.  whether   an individual  notice  any   of   these types of  symptoms, do not wait  by the   application form   associated with   it is  doubts pediatrician,  because   sooner  treatment starts,  the   greater  results  will be  achieved. Do not lie  to  ourselves,  It   young man   will  grow up  with  autism.
How  to name  autism?

Here  are   ones  typical symptoms  of  autism:

     young man  does not establish eye contact  inside   additional  people,  AND   whether   you use   an individual  watching,  This has   including  "blankly"
    babbles not  as well as  does not say,  or perhaps  begins  to  speak relatively late  and acquire   Ailments   throughout  placing words  in  sentences
    not communicating  within  gestures
    playing  in   a good  fairly  focused  way,  with regard to  example. puts toys  within  rows,  ALONG WITH   While   anyone  tear down, very nervous; toys  are usually   obtained  incorrectly,  regarding  example. smelling them, knocking them
    prefers  one  play, does not initiate play  within   its  parents
    not  answering  smile
     directly  behaves, eg.  for  hours  just  waving  your current  hands  or  walks  About the  room
     This can be  sometimes aggressive,  and in many cases  autoimmune
    shows reluctance  in order to  certain sounds, smells, materials.

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