What is it HANDLING BABY? Where can you learn it?

Handling baby is widely understood care of the baby. Its membership includes not only washing, scrolling or dressing the baby, but the baby massage, different exercises, wearing baby in a sling. Issues of handling a baby, parents can learn in special courses and workshops.

Infant Care, which is handling a baby is not just a purely technical "service" baby, or washing, scrolling, dressing, feeding. Dealing with an infant is also taking care of his proper development of motor and mental, emotional relationship building. Exercise and play with the baby, wearing a baby in a sling, baby massage - it all falls under the care of a baby, or handling a baby. It is not always something you can learn from books or the Internet, which is why arise courses and workshops where parents can under the supervision of an instructor to expand their knowledge and practice skills.
What can you learn on courses handling baby?

    conscious child care (feeding, rewinding, bathing, dressing, undressing, lifting, deposition, wearing) thanks to her child gain a sense of security and comfort, while parents will be calm and confident in their competence in the care of an infant. Properly cared for a child develops better psychomotor, has instilled the proper patterns of movement and improves their motor skills.
    selection of equipment for your child: cot, Baby Cocoon, pacifiers, bottles, shoes, so in order to best stimulate a toddler.
    recognition of alarming signals regarding the activity, behavior and body posture baby and knowing when to turn to a specialist.
    carrying your baby in a sling: the benefits of carrying your baby in a sling are many - is not only a convenience for the parent and the child's sense of security due to the proximity we have or dad. Wearing the headscarf has a positive effect on the development of the baby. The child sleeps better, well it is quiet, less tearful. Thrive hips and spine, helped to develop a sense of balance and psychomotor skills.
    Infant massage: massage Shantala builds a bond between parent and child, is a moment of relaxation and enjoyment for the massaged the baby and its parent. Massaged child feel loved, eager to establish contact with the environment, better develop emotionally, is joyful, quiet, sleeps well and gaining weight properly.
    games and exercises that stimulate the development of the child. You can also find out what toys for a baby for him the best.

Scarves to wear children

Scarves to wear children is an old method, which in recent years has once again popular among young parents. There's a whole range of types of headscarves. Depending on individual needs and age of your child, you can choose: classic woven scarves, shawls flexible pouch-type scarves and roller. We asked an expert about everything you need to know before you decide to chustowanie your child.

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