The first weeks with a newborn. Instructions conduct with a child

After the baby is born, you and baby will be taught each other. Under favorable conditions, this science will go like clockwork. How to create them? How to survive the first few weeks after giving birth?

Apparently they are the world's women, who from the first moments of life without any error identify fifteen types of crying babies and effortlessly randomly guess his needs. But all these that I know (not excluding myself) need a few weeks to get to know your child and learn to life with a newborn. The hospital is next to us nurses and midwives to help, advise and dispel doubts. But when we go home, we do not get a manual newborn - because that does not exist. That is why the first days of the newborn are full of strong emotions - euphoria, happiness, but sometimes uncertainty and anxiety. We have for you some magical way, so that this time be for you filled with joy, and maluszkowi facilitate the adaptation on this side of the abdomen.
The first weeks of the newborn: Be compassionate to yourself

You know that feeling when you hold the crying child in her arms and wondering what can he go? The longer it cries, the more kills you thought, "What kind of mother am I should know!". Not true. The first few weeks it's time to learn, to know, to try. Rather than scold in thought, think: "I'm learning my child, it wants to tell me something, but it says the new language for me, I have the right moment to think." Give yourself time to learn the neonatal language.
The first weeks of the newborn: accept it

Nobody likes. Crying newborn is one of the most difficult to bear sounds. Hearing him, you'll want to immediately do something to the baby stopped so desperately to sob. But remember that it was his way to tell you something. Do not know any other way to say it is hungry, has a wet diaper, rolled up his jacket and pinches in plecki he is sweaty, I want him to sleep and so on. Before you fall for what the child needs - hug them. Your proximity, smell, heartbeat act on the infant like a balm. Child for a while to calm down, and you meanwhile you'll think you might need. Or was it just that? Smyka you to take on your hands?

The first weeks of the newborn: get plenty of rest when the baby sleeps

Learn to sleep to the rhythm of a child - when the baby falls asleep, you can also jump under the blanket. If you can not sleep, lie down, close your eyes and to relax. If you islands, easily mastering unexpected situations and efficiently handle it with care little thing. It's that pile up in the sink, and dishes pile of clothes waiting to uprasowania. Your well-being is the most important - if you'll calm, the boy also will be calm. So keep in mind that taking care of your rest, take care of the baby.
The first weeks of the newborn: Make sure you peace of mind at home

I barely got back from the hospital, and already knocking at your door guests. But you probably do not feel like visiting, chatting and serving coffee. Tell about this explicitly - close to understand. If you have problems with assertiveness, ask for help from her husband. Let them turn into a knight on a white horse and protects your peace and babies - answers the phone and arranges visits only when you are on is not ready.
The first weeks of the newborn: Be flexible - easier for his life

Survive the days when the boy is sweet slept, and so, when he woke up every moment. And you need to function normally. Therefore, prepare yourself snacks and meals that are easy to heat - need regular, healthy meals. Eaten at fast banana or a bowl of warm soup cheer and restore power. Jump into the shower, when you have time. Do not assume that bathe after seeing the news - it was then that the boy could have wanted for a long hugging or will have trouble falling asleep. You'll feel better when you're showered and remain just jump in pajamas.
The first weeks of the newborn: Use the help loved ones

When my sister asks, how can you help, do not give up on the offer. Forget about his mother a Polish woman character, who does everything alone, no compromises and facilities, prostrate from exhaustion, but never, never asking for help. Consider for a moment and say, "Could be ironed baby clothes or do some shopping." And the best gift loved ones can do to you, taking the baby for a long walk. It will be time to take a breath, calm bath, embracing urgent matters or leisurely drinking tea - invaluable in a busy day.
The first weeks of the newborn: share responsibilities

You have a lot on his head, things to do are arranged in a long list. Thinking about how much you have to do, it can overwhelm you. Therefore, share these things important (buy vaccines for the little one), urgent (appointment visits to the pediatrician) and those that can be deferred (tires). Write them down - they will be charged to your head. The issues which need to be addressed promptly, fairly share with his father smyka.

The first weeks of the newborn: share the care of the newborn from his dad

You're the little one needed oxygen, your closeness, warmth and smell soothe them and make it feel safe. But remember that outside of you baby also has a dad. A man (after a brief training) can do everything that you (besides breastfeeding, of course). So let dad bathe, scroll, place to sleep, take a walk. It will not only fantastic support for you, but also an opportunity to dad and the boy from the beginning to build a strong bond.
The first weeks of the newborn: Enjoy the present day

You tend tired. Sometimes take off my pajamas until the afternoon, all day sipping tea, taken at dawn and do not answer the phone because you're absorbed in the care of Shorty. Still, try to focus up on what is going on in your life. The time when your child is housed in two hands, eats your food and smells of the most beautiful in the world, quickly passed. Neither you know it, as it starts to sit, walk, talk. After a sweet newborn will not be a trace. Therefore experiences fully this time. Swing arms, kiss and smell the. The mother of a newborn is very short. It's absolutely amazing time. Keep this in mind when the boy calling you mourning.

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