Traveling without bacteria: how to maintain hygiene while traveling with an infant

Travelling with an infant is not an easy task. Dirty hands plus baby equals trouble. However, they easily avoided by observing basic hygiene. We advise how to prepare for traveling with an infant, to avoid surprises.

Delicate baby's digestive system is not mature enough to cope with germs that cause diarrhea and other stomach problems. And for those not hard when you travel. If soon you are going on a vacation trip with an infant, you have to remember that. Just dirty pacifier to start your holiday was not very successful. How to take care of higienęw trip where difficult access to running water? We are viewing patents that will test both while traveling by car, as well as train or plane.

Traveling with an infant: washing hands

Travel is not a reason to take a vacation of hygiene. So be sure to wash their hands and infant. A child touches her paws seat upholstery, windows, objects that are close to him, dirty hands puts into his mouth - and trouble with tummy ready! Child's hand must be washed before each feeding, and when they are dirty and sticky. If you are traveling by plane or train, do it in the toilet, while car - to a standstill with soap or special designed for infants gel to wash your hands without water. Sami also have to remember to wash their hands. Minimum program is: always after using the bathroom, before feeding your baby before and after changing diapers.
Traveling with an infant: trash can

If you go by car, do not let this happen to floor turned into a dump dirty wipes, children's toys, pacifiers. Install the car waste bin. Car baskets that can be mounted under the seat headrests, there are perhaps too big for it tight. They accommodate papers, used tissues and other minor garbage that usually stuffs in commercials. On the dirty bibs, T-shirts, etc., Which get dirty while traveling by train or plane, prepare separate containers or plastic bags. Top-pack them in a bag which is easily odróżnisz from another. This will avoid a situation in which, searching for something, you put your hand between the dirty bibs and pobrudzisz up.
Traveling with an infant: supply of teats

If a baby sucks on a pacifier, bring your clean gryzaczków enough to last you the entire journey (at least four or five pieces) and change them if necessary. Before the trip everyone must be disinfected and packaged separately, preferably in a small box or plastic bag. There is no specific time after which teat must be removed from the mouth and replace it with another. This is best done when your baby for a while he will remove the pacifier (or ejects him on the mouth) or if you feel that teether smells bad. Replacing it is necessary if the pacifier falls on the floor or on a seat, on the lint or other debris. Not licks it! Dirty pacifiers pack separately, not mixed up with pure. In the long journey, you can buy special wipes and sprays used to disinfect teats. One proven solution is also portable sterilizer for pacifiers. Powered by batteries, it costs approx. 80 zł and using UV removes almost 100 per cent. bacteria. The sales are also in the so-called dummies. samosterylizujących up canisters - to disinfect them, to the pot, pour enough water, dip a pacifier in it and reheat everything in the microwave (you can request this service at the gas station).

Traveling with an infant, scroll

Before you start to scroll baby, place him under plecki and buttocks special changing traveler or waterproof foil. Do not do this directly on the seat of the chair to not accidentally contaminate the upholstery - some babies begin to kick when you scroll down, messing up his own pile, or because of a sudden change in temperature begin to pee. If you fly off the plane, remember that many machines are special nappy for children, installed in one of the toilets - after entering the aircraft maintenance ask whether and where the toilet is the ability to scroll child. Rigid changing tables for babies are also at most petrol stations network. Bags and accessories, do not put on the floor in the toilet - a habitat of bacteria. Before you start scrolling the infant, be sure to disinfect or wash your hands. Discard the used diaper into the trash, and if you scroll child, standing in the car on the roadside, put it in a plastic bag and close tightly. Wash your butt wet wipes for babies, even if every day for this purpose you are using the water. When you wear a diaper, wash your ha

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